Instructional Videos

In the video below, Mike Ross gives you a good overview of the best Wildlife Capture Equipment on the market.

In the video below Mike Ross demonstrates how to operate the best net gun on the market, it’s unique features.

In the video below, Mike Ross will demonstrate and offer some tips for using the net gun in the helicopter.

In our next video Mike Ross shows you how to attach and remove the weights required to use a net gun canister.

Continuing with the Net Gun Weights, the following video demonstrates how to properly insert weights into the net gun canister.

In order for your weights to be secured in the canister, you can restore worn dimples to make sure they have a good depth.

Our Wildlife Capture Equipment videos continue with Mike Ross demonstrating the preferred method of packing your net into the net gun canister.

Mike Ross will show you a second method of packing the net in the net gun canister depending on the situation.

Wildlife Capture Equipment has great full and half mask hoods that make blindfolding your animals easier for veterinary and relocation needs.

Mike Ross will show you why the Hobble sold and used by Wildlife Capture Equipment is a favorite amongst working animal wranglers, both domestic and wild livestock.